‘Going to see Gail Song’

I hope to share here from Facebook and other places…. Kind words, thoughts and memories.

This one is so beautiful!

From Laura and Harrison Brown, shared on mom’s memorial Facebook page (Gail Lampert Memorial Page):

Gail was my son’s first teacher when we attended co-op. She set the bar so how I’m sure no one else will ever measure up. We both loved her tremendously and learned so much from her. We had a song we would sing each morning on our to co-op called “Going to See Gail.” I sent it to her after we recorded it and she told me how much joy it brought her. But really all children brought Gail joy. She loved our kids as much as we did and that’s what made her such an amazing teacher. She was a beautiful soul and we will miss her so much. https://youtu.be/fEI5qHxJPY0

Laura and Harrison Brown

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